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Function X mainnet was launched on July 6th. A proof of stake cross chain blockchain. You can stake FX to validators for 40% APY. 52% of Total Supply staked (206/395 million) valued at $107 million.

How to Stake Function X?

Download f(x) Wallet (decentralized) directly from App Store or Google Play and read this staking article.

r/altcoin - Function X (FX) Staking - Amazing APY

More details about Function X

The project focus is on cross chain interoperability and a strong DAO via proof of stake.

You can currently get in on their delegation staking to earn ~40% APY at this early stage as more and more tokens get locked up into delegation. (206/396 million tokens delegated @ ~ $93 Million) The Proof of stake delegation and validation process will unlock tokens to reach filly diluted supply over 15 years.

Function X Team

Where to Buy?

Kucoin, Upbit, Uniswap etc.

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r/altcoin - Function X (FX) Staking - Amazing APY

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