Undervalued giant – Akropolis, new big update, new roadmap!

Hello guys. Just wanted to make a quick summary on Akropolis, great DeFi with huge future, probably the DeFi with the best UI/UX. Recently merged with yEarn finance and integrated v1 & v2 vaults. Akropolis will serve as institutional player engagement and business development in yEarn DeFi ecosystem. Akropolis just dropped huge update and updated roadmap.

They hired 2 new back-end developers, new CTO, new Product Owner and new Marketing lead.

CTO – Samuel Dare, the new CTO, has a wide-ranging experience garnered during his time at Brave Software and Shell. At Brave Software, he championed Blockchain and DeFi Integrations, working to channel Brave’s 22 Million MAU into DeFi by way of Brave Swaps, integrations into different DeFi protocol and DEX designs. Samuel was also a key member to the Horizons group, implementing various innovations within the Basic Attention Token (BAT) ecosystem from Layer 2 solution integrations, decentralization of BAT’s core architecture, to writing open source tools for benchmarking Ethereum Permissioned Blockchains and more.

Product Owner – Alexander Butler, has contributed to the blockchain space in both corporate and startup environments with his extensive technical and regulatory knowledge of the industry. Alex established the core infrastructure and partnerships required for Dolfin Financial — a wealth management firm that at the time had £4bn AuM — to fulfill its specialist requirement of providing digital asset services to high-net-worth and institutional clients. He has also supported numerous projects, including Plasma Group (now Optimism) and OMG Network, in breaking down complex concepts for non-technical users, and was an invited expert for discussion by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain.

Marketing Lead – Coco Ong, the new marketing lead, will utilize and optimize strategies garnered through her cryptocurrency marketing experience with over 20 projects in the last 4 years as a marketing manager and advisor. Prior to Akropolis, she helmed marketing efforts at StakeHound, a liquid staking solution with over $100 million Total Value Locked (TVL) and key partners such as Dash, NEM Foundation, Radix DLT, and Polygon, doubling both the number of token holders and the community members on various channels through active campaigns and partnership programs.

Akropolis still hiring those positions – VP Business Development, Solidity Developers, and DeFi Research Analyst.

The updated roadmap – Some key milestones in the new roadmap include:

  • The addition of new Yearn vaults to Akropolis, along with the release of our own strategies.
  • Intrinsically linking AKRO to the platform through a new staking design that provides complementary insurance for liquidity providers, voting rights, and fee-sharing to AKRO stakers.
  • The launch of a new liquidity mining program for our vault liquidity providers, incentivizing and rewarding their loyalty with additional AKRO rewards.
  • The transition of Akropolis into a full DAO structure.

The release of our aforementioned new products, including:

  • Uniswap v3 position and risk management vaults
  • Tokenized yield baskets
  • Advanced strategies with sustainable yield

Platform and product deployment across multiple chains, including:

  • Polygon
  • Optimism
  • Arbitrum

The new updatehttps://medium.com/akropolis/akropolis-summer-update-2021-a64e345ef0ee

The updated roadmaphttps://www.notion.so/675c3c2d7f6b44fe8ead0f43f9e79482?v=833c08d791e44053bdf0f442f0adc6f6



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