$USELESS is a crypto company with a vision to make DeFi an easier and safer place for everyone with a unique ecosystem, a charting app in development, dApps, and more. : altcoin

$USELESS is a crypto company with a vision to make DeFi an easier and safer place for everyone with a unique ecosystem, a charting app in development, dApps, and more.


Useless Crypto, LLC is a formed legal entity, which acts as the governing company for this project. The governing company consists of six doxxed & one undoxxed community members, who act as legal directors within the entity. They are also key holders to the corporate multi-signature wallet. One audit has also been completed by Solidity Finance.


A smart contract where users can directly send BNB Smart Chain from their wallet to the contract address or QR code. The smart contract then buys $USELESS tokens and sends it back to the users wallet. All without the risk of connecting their wallet to PancakeSwap.

To put it simply, it’s your one stop shop for simple and easy buying of $USELESS tokens

➠ dApp Bypass Contract

This contract will bypass the taxation as a dApp. For example, it will be possible to transfer the token $USELESS from an exchange or to an exchange without the 8% taxation taking effect. Instead, a 2% fee will be charged in the form of BNB. Allowing holders to switch between exchanges for trading of the token.

➠ Charting App: Fall Release

The well-organized app will provide compact information on listed tokens, as well as displaying the chart in different time frames. Profile management will show the overall performance in relation to the purchase price. The app will also show the behavior of the token’s whales.

Our aim is to create an app for the crypto world what already exists for stock trading.

➠ App Features- Token Listing Contract

A smart contract is created when a token initially applies for listing. It stores $USELESS as “points” for the ranking. To increase the visibility of your favorite token, a holder can send BNB to the contract. The contract buys $USELESS, which then recharges the token’s points.

Because who doesn’t love some awesome swag? We have something for everyone Useless University, our beloved Sally the sloth, or show off that you’re a Useless Billionaire.

The merchandise store is also now accepting Binance Smart Chain

➠ Pump-N-Burn

$USELESS tokens are purchased with the profits generated by the project’s products. What’s special about this is, buybacks are from external BNB NOT recycled BNB like other contracts. Which mean new capital is being injected into the market.

This will soon be automated to prevent the accumulation of more & more tokens, the tokens will be sent directly to the burn wallet after purchase and destroyed.

➠ The Furnace

The furnace contract is a mechanism that keeps the liquidity pool of $USELESS stable according to various rules:

If you would like to learn more about the project or ask questions check out the links below 👇🏻

WEBSITE: www.uselesscrypto.com

DISCORD: https://discord.gg/uselesscrypto


CMC: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/useless/

The only thing useless is the name.

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