Verasity, $VRA Is No. 1 Trending Search Coin On Coingecko! : altcoin

Verasity, $VRA is currently the number one trending coin on coingecko, this is an indication of $VRA market exposure and the number of crypto elites searching $VRA on coingecko.

John Murphy’s Tweet

In the last week, Verasity has achieved seceral milestones some of which are the StockTwits listing, VNDC exchange listing, and the Notice of Allowance for Second Proof Of View Patent. Verasity PoV patent was updated with additional parameters to include a broad variety of NFT content types as well as applications of NFT technology. The PoV update also covers other fields such as medicine, telecommunications, and space applications.

These milestones have brought about an inflow in community growth as the official channels and international communities experience constant additions to an already increasing community.

Verasity continues to keep to its promises to investors by following the roadmap to the latter. Watch this space for more.


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